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Jessie Lock

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I ventured into freelancing driven by the allure of flexibility and the chance to collaborate with clients worldwide. With over 12 years of hands-on Drupal development experience, I collaborate closely with clients to understand their needs and devise meticulous implementation plans. Dedicated to crafting websites that offer exceptional user experience and value, I adhere to best practices and prioritize comprehensive problem resolution. Known for attention to detail and self-organization, I am a versatile Drupal developer proficient in site building, back-end, and front-end customization. Beyond coding, I also enjoy and excel in project planning, analysis, project management, and technical documentation.


Drupal PHP MySQL Drush Lando


HTML CSS JavaScript jQuery Twig Npm


Acquia Platformsh Pantheon Google Tag Manager

Latest Achievements

I played a pivotal role in the transformation of three business units' websites for the International Electrotechnical Commission, ensuring timely completion and meeting all deadlines.

  • Prior to the commencement of one of the revamps, I conducted a comprehensive project analysis, strategically integrating the new site build into the redesigned framework for optimal efficiency. Employing mind mapping techniques, I organized and visualized the implementation process. I meticulously generated a backlog of tasks and diligently followed through, contributing to the seamless execution of the project.
  • I proactively engaged in ongoing communication with the client throughout the project, staying attuned to their updates, understanding their requirements, and seeking early feedback. This approach not only minimized potential work redundancies but also fostered a highly positive client collaboration experience.
  • I successfully accelerated the project delivery in support of the client's climate change initiative, playing a crucial role in ensuring its success, exceeding expectations.

I actively contributed to the brand refresh project for a prestigious university in Minnesota, working with a client based in the United States.

  • I exceeded expectations by delivering a higher quantity of new components and refreshing existing ones, all within the stipulated project delivery timeline.
  • I significantly enhanced the website's overall performance and adherence to best practices by meticulously crafting and recreating components with clean, efficient code. This approach resulted in notable improvements in performance and best practices scores.
  • Demonstrating a commitment to inclusivity, I strategically integrated accessibility features into the project revamp, adhering to standards for a user-friendly experience. This emphasis on accessibility played a key role in the website’s lighthouse accessibility score.

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